How can we help you?

What we offer as support:
- Patient and family support
- Social events and fundraising opportunities
- 1:1 telephone support with a unique buddy system
- Information days for Polyposis Syndrome patients as well as medical professionals

Our History

PolyPeople was established in November 2008 following a suggestion from Professor Sue Clarke at St Marks that it would help St Mark’s Hospital if there was a patient support group they could approach for comments on funding applications to support research and development.  A group of St Mark’s FAP patients volunteered enthusiastically to support the hospital they valued so highly by forming such a group and PolyPeople was born!

Since then, PolyPeople has supported St Mark’s and the Polyposis Registry with financial contributions and involvement in their annual Information Day. We have also contributed towards the cost of developing the FAP app (for health professionals) and we have commented on funding applications when requested.

However, by far the most regular PolyPeople activity is the 1:1 support it can give to those affected by a polyposis diagnosis.  Whether it’s at the point of diagnosis, pre-op, immediately post-op or many years later, polyposis is a relatively rare condition and living with a diagnosis can be a lonely place to find yourself. 

So if you could help provide some 1:1 support from your own experience, please do get in touch!

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1.To provide support and information for those affected by Polyposis syndromes (patients, families and friends) by being a trusted point of contact: 
at diagnosis, pre-op, post-op, ongoing.

2.To support St Marks Hospital and the Polyposis Registry in applications for funding for research, events or equipment.

3.To raise awareness of the Polyposis syndromes (especially amongst GPs).

Meet our Volunteers: