PolyPeople is a trusted support group for those affected by Polyposis syndromes. We are dedicated to enabling access to the most up to date, useful and relevant help and information through supporting St Mark's Hospital in their world leading Polyposis work. 

"Patient organisations are crucial - providing mutual support and information for patients, key feedback to clinicians, and potentially powerful lobbying groups. More patients with polyposis have been looked after at St Mark’s than at any other hospital in the world bar the Cleveland Clinic in the USA, making it a natural focal point with sufficient numbers of people with these rare conditions to enable PolyPeople to be launched."

Professor Sue Clark, St. Mark's Hospital, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon & Director of the Polyposis Registry, 2018


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15th September 2018


Types of Polyposis

Did you know there are different types of Polyposis syndromes? Take a look at these booklets below for more information:

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PolyPeople survives on the generous donation of our committee members, volunteers and the public to continue to strive to support all patients affected by the disease.

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